Chantal Li Takes Us To Europe

A creative director, blogger, stylist and photographer, Chantal Li dazzles us endlessly with each new post. Founder of Modern and Luxe, an expansive personal blog, it showcases her passion for travelling, fashion and styling. We follow her in Paris while she curates the hottest spots to experience the best Parisian Café, breath taking views of the historical rooftops and Instagram worthy back drop for your personal photo-shoot.

Beautiful Backdrop
Friend of Audrey Lucie Polkadot Wrap Dress

Credit: @chantal_li Instagram, at Palais-Royal (left). Beautiful Streets in Paris, Pinterest (right).


Everyone will tell you historical Parisian architecture is beautiful and needs to be explored. The intricacy and grand structure of the buildings make for the most insta-worthy shots. Strike a playful powerful pose like Chantal, who wears our Lucie Twist Dress, to capture a stunning photograph.


Hidden Gem

Friend of Audrey in Paris

Credit: Palais-Royal Courtyard, Pinterest (left). @chantal_li Instagram (right). 

See how the better half lived at the Palais Royal, former home to King Louis XIII. The extensive gardens and courtyard are a camera worthy hot spot. Take a seat on French artist Daniel Buron's candy striped columns like Chantal in our Fleur Linen Jacket and Pant. The trendy artwork in the central courtyard are a reminder that Paris is très cool, blending history and contemporary in the best ways.

Coffee Break

Friend of Audrey Linen Suit Set

Credit: @chantal_li Instagram, at Le Nemours, Paris (left). Coffee Spot, Pinterest (right).

After walking through cobblestones streets, along the Champs-Elysees and under the Arc De Triomph, a quaint Parisian style café is exactly what you will be looking for. Take a page from Chantal’s book and relax in style at Le Nemours. She wears the Fleur Linen Jacket and Pant while sipping on the best cup of coffee Paris has to offer.


Get Cultured

Friend of Audrey Maddox Day Dress

Credit: The Louvre, Paris, Pinterest (left). @chantal_li Instagram (right).

Parisian galleries hold some of the most well-known artworks in history within their walls. The infamous Louvre, previously a royal palace, will evoke emotions of awe as you wander past ancient sculptures and paintings. Called the city of love for a reason, dress in feminine attire for the occasion like Chantal in our Maddox Day Dress while you surround yourself with artworks that exhibits the passion and creativity of past creators.