Friend of Audrey supports slow consumption, selling garments in a more timeless design that will have a longer lifespan than the average piece of clothing. Each piece is designed with a purpose, with quality and durability in mind. We are mindful of our planet, our makers, our supply chain and business practices. Our curated business model avoids mass consumption and over production. We value quality over quantity, and wish to create pieces that represent these values.

Slow consumption, elevated,
quality. These are the key values
of Friend of Audrey.


          We have a diverse and inclusive work environment. Our core values are to build and support. We encourage open communication and relationship building with our makers. Friend of Audrey is committed to integrating ethical and socially responsible business practices into all aspects of operations. We expect our suppliers to comply with the ethical standards, and any associated laws and regulations in the supplier’s country of manufacture. These include; but are not limited to:

1. Employment is freely chosen
2. Child labour shall not be used
3. Fair wages
4. A clean and safe environment
5. Working hours are not excessive
6. Respect the environment


              Our raw materials are recyclable or compostable, including swing tags, tissue paper, stickers, packaging tape, any marketing materials which we choose to print. We are working on eliminating single use plastic completely. This is our commitment.


              Supporting our local communities and giving back is something close to heart. We work closely with charity partners such as Worn for Good, Dress for Success, Thread Together, The Smith Family, St Vincent de Paul and Clothing Clean Up. Friend of Audrey make clothing and financial contributions to these charity organizations.

    These ambitions are monitored on a yearly basis and will be updated as we progress. Thank you for supporting us and our values.